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The Law Office of Melvyn J. Williams has provided legal services in the community for over 27 years to a wide range of clients, including businesses and individuals, throughout the Greater Atlanta area.  Attorney Williams specializes in the areas of Criminal Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Traffic Court and Juvenile Court.  With many years of successful trial and litigation experience, Attorney Williams can help you resolve your legal issue in a way that will benefit you the most.​​

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Attorney Williams develops very close-working relationships with his clients in order to fully understand each client’s immediate and long-term legal needs.  Attorney Williams' clients are able to speak with him directly over the phone, and to meet with him in person whenever they need to discuss their cases.  As an advocate, it is Attorney Williams’ responsibility to help solve his client’s legal problems as effectively and efficiently as possible.  In each case, he advises his clients on their legal rights and provides straightforward and practical solutions for them to consider.  His dedicated representation includes communicating regularly with each client, promptly responding to all of their inquiries, and regularly informing clients of all developments in their cases through letters, emails, or phone calls.  
Attorney Williams will work quickly and aggressively at every stage of the litigation process to ensure a fair resolution of your legal issue.  However, when it is appropriate to settle your case out of court, Attorney Williams will work to resolve your case through mediation, arbitration or negotiation.  In all cases, Attorney Williams will seek the most cost effective way to handle the case, and to keep the client's overall cost as low as possible.  Attorney Williams also works regularly with experts in the areas of criminal investigations, forensic science and accident reconstruction.
What We Do
Personal Injury
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Family Law
Criminal Defense
Dedicated to defending clients against both state and federal criminal charges.
Helping you get the assistance and money that you deserve to compensate you for all of the losses you have and will incur as a result of your accident.​
 Helping you navigate through the ins and outs of the Family Law arena.
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What if I am stopped on the road by a Police Officer?
The Police Officer will usually ask you for your driver’s license, registration information, and proof of insurance.  The Police Officer is supposed to inform you as to why you were stopped, and allow you to offer an explanation for any question you are asked. In some cases, the Police Officer may even ask for your permission to search your vehicle for illegal drugs or weapons. Under no circumstances should you allow a Police Officer to search your vehicle without a warrant.  If you are eventually arrested as a result of your traffic stop, do not make any statements to the arresting Officer.  Those statements, if given, could later be used against you in Court.

FAQ ​​

What if I am considering a divorce?
If you are considering a divorce, especially when minor children are involved, you should seek legal advice from an attorney to discuss your rights.  Divorce cases have become much more complex than they used to be, and the Courts require much more paperwork and procedures than ever before.  Even if you think your divorce case will be uncontested, you should get legal advice from an attorney before you file for the divorce, or sign any papers agreeing to a divorce.
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What if I am involved in an accident ?
It is very important that you seek immediate medical treatment if you are injured. Also, it is crucial that you seek legal advice from a lawyer as to how to deal with the insurance company. You should not agree to give either verbal, written or recorded statements to any insurance company until you have obtained legal advice from a lawyer.
What if I am charged with any crime or traffic violation?
If you are charged with any crime or traffic violation, get legal advice from a lawyer, even if the offense you have been charged with seems very minor to you.  A lawyer is in the best position to advise you of your rights, as it pertains to that offense.  Some criminal and/or traffic offenses can result in a suspension of ones drivers license, and can also result in certain negative information being reported to the Department of Driver Services or the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

It is important in each of these situations to seek professional legal advice in order to fully understand your rights. Securing competent legal representation is essential to ensure a favorable outcome.
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